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  • HB 119 - Stoltzfus, R
    To grant municipal and county courts original and exclusive jurisdiction over any civil action concerning a traffic law violation, to modify certain requirements governing the use of traffic law photo-monitoring devices by a local authority, and to make corrective changes to the distracted driving ...
    10/17/2019 - OUT, House Criminal Justice, (Fifth Hearing)
  • HB 368 - Baldridge, B
    To enact the Ohio Computer Crimes Act.
    10/16/2019 - Introduced
  • HB 369 - Hillyer, B
    To enact the Ohio Fairness Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, to add mediation as an informal method that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission may use, and to uphold existing religious exemptions under Ohio's Civil Rights Law.
    10/16/2019 - Introduced
  • HB 49 - Greenspan, D
    To specify that a concealed handgun license qualifies as photo identification for voting purposes.
    10/16/2019 - BILL ACCEPTED, House State and Local Government, (Second Hearing)
  • SB 221 - Dolan, M
    To provide for the issuance in specified circumstances of a Safety Protection Order to apply regarding a person who a court determines is under a drug dependency, chronic alcoholic, or mental health-related firearms disability; to specify LEADS and NCIC reporting and removal procedures for current ...
    10/15/2019 - Introduced
  • SB 7 - Lehner, P
    Regarding temporary state occupational licenses for members of the military and their spouses.
    10/16/2019 - OUT, House Armed Services and Veterans Affairs, (Third Hearing)
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